IndyBar Membership Applications

Thank you for your interest in one of the most active metropolitan bar associations in the country! Separate membership applications are available for attorneys, paralegals and students. Select the applicable application from the links below.

Attorney Membership Application
Law Student Membership Application
Paralegal Membership Application

Current Membership Rates

Current IndyBar membership rates are as follows:

Standard Attorney Member Category
Bar admission less than 1 year: $50
Bar admission years 1-4: $95
Bar admission years 5-7: $125
Bar admission years 8-9: $195
Bar admission years 10+: $225

Judiciary Member (Presiding in Marion County): $95

Law Faculty Member (Full-time faculty member of an accredited Indiana educational institute): $95

Government Member (Full-time employee of Marion County, State of Indiana or U.S. Government): $80

Inactive Practice (Graduate from an accredited law school who is not engaged in the practice of law): $80

Indigent Service Provider: $80

Life Member (70 years of age or older): $50

Paralegal Membership: $60

Student Membership:
Annual Law Student Member (August 1-July 31): $45
Sustaining Membership (expires upon graduation): $95
Bar Review Plus (holds your seat for IndyBar Review at the current rate and includes Sustaining Membership): $120