Referral Programs

Referral Programs

The Indianapolis Bar Association is proud to offer business-building opportunities for members. Through the phone-in Lawyer Referral Service, the Indy Lawyer Finder online search service and the Modest Means Program, the IndyBar is committed to offering strong business development opportunities for IndyBar members while giving potential clients direction for legal representation.

Indy Lawyer Finder

Indy Lawyer Finder is an online-based free service that connects individuals seeking legal representation with the attorney who best meets their specific legal needs. The site allows users to search for a lawyer based on more than 20 areas of law and compare attorneys on a variety of criteria, including fee structure, office location, legal approach and much more.

Careful attention is paid to ensure that the number of attorneys in each area of the law represented on the site appropriately reflects the search traffic in order to deliver quality return on investment for all panelists.

Competitively priced at $150 per month for up to three major substantive categories, Indy Lawyer Finder is the Indianapolis area's only locally based attorney search service.

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Lawyer Referral Service

An easy and affordable marketing tool for revenue building, LRS participation is beneficial no matter the size or focus of your practice. LRS can help you increase your caseload as it matches callers needing legal assistance with the right attorney. Case fees earned by LRS participants range from several million dollars to a few thousand, with average panelists earning more than $11,500 on their investment in the past year. Two colleagues earned more than $120,000 on referred LRS cases and one even made $300,000!

Quality Referrals Made Simple

LRS pre-screens more than 40,000 callers each year, and more than 16,000 referrals are given annually. Referrals are made to LRS panel members on a rotating basis. LRS callers are matched with attorneys based upon their specific legal need. Panelists can select from up to five of the nine major areas of the law listed in the LRS contract.

Streamlined Electronic Reporting

LRS offers panelists a convenient online reporting format that saves time and expedites the reporting process.

Basic Program Details

A 10% fee is due to the IndyBar for cases referred by LRS resulting in attorney fees over $100. Panelists are required to complete and monthly case status reports pertaining to all on-going LRS cases. An online database facilitates easy reporting while providing information on new cases referred as early as the previous day's activity.

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The Modest Means Project

The purpose of the IndyBar Modest Means Project is to provide legal services to persons who do not qualify for other forms of legal assistance or other no fee (pro bono) services. The Modest Means Project provides an opportunity to gain experience while building a practice. Click here for more information and to sign up for the project.