IndyBar Professionalism Efforts

Through the IndyBar's Standing Committee on Professionalism, our members are working to improve public confidence and trust in lawyers through activities that promote positive lawyer images in the community and educate members and the public on how to avoid circumstances that can lead to client distrust and dissatisfaction.

IndyBar Professionalism Initiatives

The Professionalism Committee has undertaken a number of projects and initiatives to emphasize the important role of professionalism.

Pause for Professionalism

This video series highlights professionalism and civility through testimonials and learning moments from the bench and the bar. Click here to view the Pause for Professionalism videos.

Professionalism Speakers Bureau

The Committee encourages inclusion of professionalism and civility-related topics in continuing legal education programs and has created the Speakers Bureau to make it easier for program planners to incorporate these topics, whether as an extended presentation or simply a short reminder before or after the program. Contact Caren Chopp to learn more.

Getting Along Is Not Wrong

Getting Along Is Not Wrong is an impressive collection of anecdotes and stories from local judges and attorneys that highlight positive and compelling behavior in the legal profession. Click here to read entries from the series.

Public Outreach Efforts

Through the Professionalism Committee, members gain opportunities to contribute to the Indianapolis community through public outreach activities. Click here to read more about the committee's "Stock the Schools" event.

Nod to Professionalism

Nod to Professionalism, a series of columns that appeared in the association's pages of the Indiana Lawyer, point out real life examples of the IndyBar's Professionalism Standards. Click here to read more.

Recognizing Professionalism

The Professionalism Committee recognizes professionalism through two awards: The Silver Gavel award for judges and the Professionalism Award for attorneys. These awards are given annually only when a qualified candidate exists.

Past Award Recipients:

2005: Douglas J. Hill, Hill Fulwider McDowell Funk & Matthews
2006: not awarded
2007: Silver Gavel: Hon. John D. Tinder, then of the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana; Professionalism: Karl L. Mulvaney, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
2008: Silver Gavel: Hon. Charles J. Deiter, Marion Superior Court,
Probate Division, and Hon. Patricia J. Gifford,
Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division; Professionalism: John R. Maley, Barnes & Thornburg LLP
2009: Silver Gavel: Hon. Theodore Boehm, Indiana Supreme Court; Professionalism: Kristin Fruehwald, Barnes &
Thornburg LLP
2010: Silver Gavel:  Hon. Sarah Evans Barker, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana; Professionalism: Marty Hollingsworth, Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP
2011: Silver Gavel: Hon. Kennard Foster, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Indiana; Professionalism: Raymond Good
2012: Silver Gavel: Hon. Anthony Metz, U.S. Bankruptcy Court; Professionalism: Sally Zweig, Katz & Korin PC
2013: Silver Gavel: Hon. Gerald Zore, Marion Superior Court; Professionalism: C. Joseph Russell (posthumous)
2014: Silver Gavel: Hon. Brent Dickson, Indiana Supreme Court; Professionalism:  Philip "Skip" Kappes, Lewis & Kappes

Additional Information/Resources

Efforts to Maintain Professionalism:

Efforts to Maintain Public Confidence: