Safe Ask Program

Safe Ask Program

Whether you are a sole practitioner or an attorney in a 200 attorney law firm, you have probably had a question at some point in your career that you had no clue how to answer -- or maybe you wanted a second opinion.

The purpose of the Safe Ask program is to provide a means whereby IndyBar attorney members may seek guidance and information from fellow IndyBar members-- to assist them in providing quality and ethical legal services to their clients.

It's okay to ask!

All communications will remain confidential to the extent there is not a violation of the Rule of Professional Conduct (see Rule 8.3 of the Rules of Professional Conduct). To utilize the Safe Ask program, simply telephone or e-mail a member of the Safe Ask panel. If e-mailing, please type IBA Safe Ask in the subject line of the e-mail.

The Safe Ask panel reserves the right to forward your Safe Ask question to another panelist if they deem another member to be better qualified to answer your particular question. Please read the disclaimer prior to transmittal.

Safe Ask Panel:

John C. Render,
(317) 633-4884

John Q. Herrin Jr.,
(317) 580-4848

Paul F. Kortepeter,
(317) 713-3500

Jeffrey O. Meunier,
(317) 575-0320

Robert W. York,
(317) 842-8000

Sally Zweig,
(317) 464-1100